Program – draft

Monday – May 20, 2019
18:00 22:00 Welcome Reception
Tuesday – May 21, 2019
09:00 09:30 Registration
09:30 09:45 Opening and welcome notes
09:45 10:05 Rene Hudec IBWS introduction and historical background
10:05 10:25 Coffee break
Small satellites for astrophysics & Instrumental session
Chair: Vladimír Dániel
10:25 10:40 Rene Hudec ESA SMILE and Czech Participation: Recent Status
10:40 10:55 Elżbieta Zocłońska BRITE photometry analysis with Python
10:55 11:15 Jakub Ripa Background study for the future gamma-ray transient mission CAMELOT
11:15 11:30 Masanori Ohno “CAMELOT” – future all-sky gamma-ray monitoring mission with a fleet of CubeSats
11:30 11:45 Zsolt Bagoly Transient detection capacities of small satellite gamma-ray detectors
11:45 13:00 Lunch
Small satellites for astrophysics & Instrumental session
Chair: Robert Filgas
13:00 13:15 Lakshminarasimhan Srinivasan Distributed groundstations for small satellites
13:15 13:45 Klaus Schilling Pico-Satellite Formations for Innovative Earth Observation
13:45 14:15 Jakub Kapus skCUBE mission results and plans for future
14:15 14:30 Vladimír Dániel All-sky monitoring CubeSat with X-ray LE demonstrator
14:30 15:30 Coffee break with Poster session
Small satellites for astrophysics & Instrumental session
Chair: Zsolt Bagoly
15:30 15:50 Robert Filgas RISESAT – a third satellite with the Timepix based radiation monitor
15:50 16:10 Thorsten Döhring Review on the properties of iridium coatings for astronomical X-ray mirrors
16:10 16:25 Rene Hudec ESA THESEUS and Czech Participation
Wednesday – May 22, 2019
Session on digitization and astrophysical applications of astronomical photographic plate collections
Chair: Jaroslav Merc
09:00 09:10 Alexey Andreev Virtual observatory in Kazan
09:10 09:30 Rene Hudec Astronomical photographic data archives: recent status
09:30 09:40 Yura Nefedyev Analysis of digital astronomical photographs of the lunar surface in various phase spaces
09:40 10:00 Coffee break
Real-Time Image Processing In Astronomy
Chair: Martin Jelinek
10:00 10:20 Martin Jelinek A trio of boring bursts observed by D50
10:20 10:50 Martin Topinka A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away as seen by JWST
10:50 11:10 Petr Skala Algorithms for all – sky image astrometric calibration
11:10 11:25 Sergey Karpov Scientific CMOS sensors for sky surveys
11:25 12:40 Lunch
High energy astrophysics
12:40 13:30 Martin Topinka První fotografie černé díry
15:00 22:00 Conference trip
Thursday – May 23, 2019
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Andrzej Zdziarski
09:30 10:00 Attila Meszaros An Oppositeness in the Cosmology: Distribution of the Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Cosmological Principle
10:00 10:15 Stefan Lindeholz The Doppler Crisis of TeV Blazars and the Case of PKS 2155-304
10:15 10:25 Sandor Pinter High-redshift galaxy cluster candidates of GRB hosts with photometric redshift
10:25 10:45 Coffee break
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Attila Meszaros
10:45 11:00 Andrea Gokus Dynamic SEDs of the variable blazar PKS 1510-089
11:00 11:30 Michal Zajacek Reverberation-mapping of distant quasars: time-lag determination using different methods
11:30 11:50 Ole Koenig A study on cyclotron resonant scattering features ins GRO J1744-28
11:50 13:00 Lunch
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Ole Koenig
13:00 13:25 Andrzej Zdziarski Gamma-ray emission from Cyg X-1 and Cyg X-3
13:25 13:40 Vladimir Karas Tidal disruption events as the site of the evolving relativistic spectral line
13:40 13:55 Jaroslav Merc New Online Database of Symbiotic Variables: Symbiotics in X-rays
13:55 15:15 Coffee break with Poster session
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Sandor Pinter
15:15 15:40 Elzbieta Kuligowska The use of Monte Carlo methods in studying FR II-type radio sources
15:40 16:10 Karl Mannheim Signatures of magnetoluminescence
16:10 16:25 Philipp Thalhammer Application of empirical and physical models to the X-Ray spectrum of Cen X-3
16:25 16:45 Constanze Seibert X-Ray analysis of the AGN NGC1052 with XMM-Newton
Friday – May 24, 2019
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Philipp Thalhammer
09:00 09:50 Franco Giovannelli Frontier Research in Astrophysics in the Gravitational-Wave Era
09:50 10:10 Arman Tursunov Electromagnetized Galactic Centre and some related effects
10:10 10:40 Coffee break
High energy astrophysics
Chair: Arman Tursunov
10:40 11:00 Martin Brunner The search for the origin of high energetic cosmic ray electrons
11:00 11:15 Ekaterina Sokolova-Lapa Modeling the energy spectra of accreting X-ray pulsars at low accretion rates
11:15 11:30 József Kóbori Kilonova models: spherical vs. axisymmetrical
11:30 11:50 Roundtable discussion
11:50 12:00 Rene Hudec Conclusion Remarks
End of Workshop