9th Integral & Bart Workshop - 2012

List of Abstracts


Alberto J. Castro-Tirado : 20 years of GRS 1915+105

Sebastian Müller : A spectral study of the X-ray pulsar 4U 0115+63

We present the preliminary results of the spectral analysis of the 2008 outburst of the High Mass X-ray binary 4U 0115+63, recorded by RXTE and INTEGRAL. To date, literature claims ...

Felix Fuerst : A Suzaku view of 4U 1909+07

4U 1909+07 is a rarely observed persistent high-mass X-ray binary neutron star. I will present a detailed analysis of a recent 25ksec Suzaku observation, which shows agreement with older RXTE ...

Aleksander Filip Zarnecki : Analysis framework for GLORIA

Luiza analysis framework for GLORIA was based on the Marlin package developed the new High Energy Physics (HEP) project, International Linear Collider (ILC), data analysis. HEP experiments have to deal ...

Franco Giovannelli : Astroparticle Physics Today

Ondřej Šváb : Cosmic activities coordination in Czech Republic

Rene Hudec : ESA Athena and Czech X-ray Optics development

I will give a brief review of collaborative Czech experimental activities related to ESA Athena X-ray astronomy project and Czech X-ray Optics developments in general.

Rene Hudec : ESA LOFT and Czech Participation

I will present the ESA LOFT mission for X-ray astronomy (candidate for ESA Cosmic Vision medium class mission) and discuss possible recent and future Czech involvement in this mission including ...

Natalia Lewandowska : Giant radio pulses from the Crab pulsar

Jan Strobl : HEA robotic telescopes in Ondrejov

Rene Hudec : IBWS: Introduction & Historical Background

I will briefly give and discuss the historical background of IBWS workshops as well as related experiments ESA INTEGRAL and BART.

Martin Topinka : Integration of Watcher into the Sierra Stars Observatory Network - lessons learned for GLORIA

The UCD Watcher robotic telescope has started to participate in the Sierra Stars Observatory Network (SSON), a US-based organisation that provides astronomical images upon request to subscribing users, who are ...

Francisco SANCHEZ-MORENO : Introduction to GLORIA network

Michal Jakubec : Introduction to REMOTES: Reliable and Modular Telescope Solution

I will briefly describe key ideas, motivation and features of our recently developed platform designed for control and monitoring of a telescope and its peripherals that is suitable for various ...

Matus Kocka : JULO, the small near space balloon experiments

Sebastian Falkner : Light Bending of Compact Objects based on an analytical approximation

Vladimír Tichý : NANOX - Proposed Nano-Satellite X-Ray Mission

Rafal Opiela : Photometric analysis of the Pi of the Sky data.

Accurate analysis of Pi of the Sky data is very important because of a number of factors that can influence measurements. Reading the chip with the shutter opened, strong and ...

Gabriel Szász : Red Hat Contribution to the World's Science

Red Hat is a small software company founded in 1993 that has become world-wide leader in open source solutions. The same company also has become an essential engineering partner for ...

Petr Kubánek : RTS2 - evolution in last year

Fabian Kopel : Searching the first GRB afterglow on photo plates

Martin Jelinek : Spectrograph COLORES - first results

Sergey Karpov : Status and perspectives of MiniMegaTORTORA wide-field monitoring system with sub-second temporal resolution

Karl Mannheim : Status of GRIPS

The COMPTEL and INTEGRAL detectors have provide a glimpse of the rich astrophysical inventory at MeV energies. Nevertheless, the MeV band remains the least explored window of the electromagnetic spectrum ...

Miguel Ángel Pío Jiménez : TAD a robotic telescope in the Teide observatory.

A brief description of the robotic telescope located at the Teide and is part of Gloria Project.

Ingo Kreykenbohm : Transient outbursts of neutron star X-ray binaries

Miguel Ángel Pío Jiménez : Transit of Venus. A real-time broadcast of an astronomical event.

A description of the way and infrastructure to use in the broadcast of the event.


Dominik Hertel : A Swift look at IGR J17494-3030

The hard X-ray transient IGR J17494-3030 was first detected by Integral during the Galactic Center observations performed from 2012-03-17 to 2012-03-19 (Boissay et al., 2012, ATel3984). Several follow-up observations were ...

Rene Hudec : Discovering Hidden Treasures: Analyses in US Astronomioal Plate Archives

We will report on 10 US astronomical plate archives, some of them unknown before, as well as their potential for recent astrophysics.

Rene Hudec : ESA Gaia and Low Dispersion Spectroscopy

We discuss the astrophysical potential of very low-dispersion spectroscopy both of ESA satellite Gaia as well as low-dispersion surveys with photographic plates.

Radka Havlíková : Forced slumping of Si foils for x-ray space telescopes

Future astronomical projects on large space x-ray imaging telescopes require novel substrates and technologies for the construction of their reflecting mirrors. The mirrors must be lightweight and precisely shaped to ...

Rene Hudec : Investigations of High-Energy Sources with Astronomical Archival Plates

We discuss the possibility of analyses of high-energy sources with archival astronomical plates and present few selected examples of such studies.

Lubomír Morávek : KORUNA in the Orlické Mountains – the intention to build an Observatory in the position of 1000m

Koruna is the second highest peak of the Orlické Mountains with an altitude of 1099m, it is an isolated place, practically without human presence. As such, it offers a good ...

Martin Kákona : Measuring of ionospheric disturbances with Software Defined Radio based on Open Hardware

There is a description of a method for detection ionospheric disturbances using OK0EU beacons and SDR based on MLAB an Open Hardware project.

Sergey Karpov : On some statistical properties of GRB prompt optical emissions and afterglows

We studied the subset of an optical light curves of gamma-ray bursts with measured redshifts and well-sampled R band data, which have clearly detected peaks. Among 44 such events, 11 ...

Petr Skala : REMOTES: Reliable Modular Telescope Solution

We will show our solution for seamless operation and monitoring of various observation facilities.

Mª Carmen López Casado : RTS2 integration into GLORIA system

We describe how GLORIA on-line experiments, both general purpose and batch, are going to be managed in RTS2 telescopes.

Lorraine Hanlon : Study of Silicon Photomultipliers in the GRIPS Calorimeter Modules

GRIPS is a proposed gamma-ray (200 keV to 80 MeV) astronomy mission, which incorporates a pair-creation and Compton scattering telescope, along with X-ray and infrared telescopes. It will carry out ...

Elena Anisimova : The Point Spread Function variations inside width-field astronomical images

The Point Spread Function (PSF) of the astronomical imaging systems is usually approximated by Gaussian or Moffat function. For simplification, the astronomical imaging system is considered to be time and ...