Monday April 18

18:00 – 22:00 Welcome reception U Draka

Tuesday April 19

8:30 Registration

Small satellite session I

Chair: Robert Filgas
9:00 Workshop opening

9:10 Rene Hudec: IBWS introduction and historical background

9:30 Vladimir Daniel: VZLUSAT-1 CubeSat demonstration

10:15 Ivo Vertat: Pilsen Ground Station for VZLUSat-1

10:30 coffee break and poster session

Chair: Karl Mannheim

10:50 Matus Kocka: SkCube, the VLF experiment and the ionosphere study not only by future SID network

10:10 Klaus Schilling: Earth Observation by Small Satellite Formations

11:35 Joern Willms: Transition Edge Sensors

12:00 Vojtech Laitl: Phenomena in D Ionospheric Layer

12:15 Vojtech Farek: Observing the Sun and Jupiter by the HF’s

12:30 lunch

13:30 Bus departure for social program, sharp! Departure place front of he Library.

14:00 Meeting with Mayor of Karlovy Vary (Moskevská 2035/21, 360 01 Karlovy Vary;

15:30 – Becherovka visit (T. G. Masaryka 282/57, 360 01 Karlovy Vary;

16:00 Visit of downtown

17:00-17:15 Dinner start – Sanatorium Krivan (Sadová 800/5, 360 01 Karlovy Vary;

20:00 Visit of Observatory Karlovy Vary (K Letišti 144, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Hůrky;, bus number 8 or taxi)

Wednesday April 20

8:45 Registration

Session on small satellites II

Chair: Martin Jelinek

9:00 Martin Urban: Volatiles payload on VZLUSAT-1 and thermal cycling in vacuum chamber

9:20 Ondrej Nentvich: Health monitor system on VZLUSAT1

9:40  Veronika Stehlikova: Radiation resistance measurement on VZLUSat-1

10:00 Rene Hudec: UV LDS Camera as Picosatellite Payload

10:20     coffee break and poster session

BRITE session

Chair: Maria Caballero

10:40 Vladimir Daniel: BRITE CZ: Extending BRITE to X and UV

11:00 Adolf Inneman: X-ray BRITE

11:20 Andrzej Pigulski: Science with the BRITE photometry

11:50 Rainier Kuschnig: BRITE-Constellation – Nanosatellites for Astrophysics

12:10 Elzbieta Zoclonska: Epsilon Centauri and Epsilon Persei observed by space telescopes BRITE

12:30 lunch

HE Astrophysics Session I

chair: Felicia Krauss

13:40 Maria Caballero-Garcia: Implementing an X-ray reverberation model in XSPEC

14:00 Robert Filgas: GRB 111209A / SN 2011kl: a very luminous supernova related to an ultra-long GRB

14:20 Vojtech Simon: X-ray monitoring of cataclysmic variables

14:50 Daniela Dorner: Flaring Activity of 1ES 1959+650 at High Energies

15:10 Robert Filgas: Dark matter search results from PICO-2L and PICO-60 bubble chambers

15:30 coffee break and poster session

HE Astrophysics Session II

Chair: Daniela Dorner

15:50 Christina Graefe: Centaurus A

16:10 Paul Ray Burd: Long-Wavelength Radio Observations of Blazars

16:30 Marco Fink: Black Hole Spin Measurements in Lamp Post Geometry


16:50 Doerhing Thorsten: Project JEUMICO – Bavarian-Czech Cooperation on the development of X-ray mirrors

17:20 Anne-Catherine Probst: Development of thin film Iridium coatings for astronomical X-ray mirrors

19.00 Dinner U Draka

Thursday April 21

8:45 Registration

HE Astrophysics Session III

Chair: Carlos Granja

9:00 Michael Kreter: Blazars as Potential High-Energy Neutrino Sources

9:20 Felicia Kraus: Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird: Blazars as possible sources of IceCube PeV

9:50 Daniela Dorner: FACT – Result from More than Four Years of Monitoring

10:20 Alexander Kappes: The Extended Radio Structure of High-z Blazars

10:40 coffee break and poster session

Chair: Gabriel Szasz

11:00 Daniela Dorner: M@TE – Monitoring at TeV Energies


11:40 Petr Suchánek: Tester for SMILE instrument SXI

12:00 Volker Perdelwitz: Simultaneous observations with TIGRE and X-ray facilities

12:30 lunch

Chair: Rainier Kusching

13:40 Martin Jelinek: EMCCD cameras in astronomy

14:00 Jan Strobl: BART & D50: the new era

14:20 Petr Kubánek: RTS2 – upgrades and updates

14:40 Carlos Granja: On-site calibration of spacecraft gamma-ray spectrometer for the BepiColombo ESA/JAXA mission to Mercury by transportable gamma-ray station

15:00 Carlos Granja: Mapping of space radiation in LEO orbit by the SATRAM/Timepix payload on board the ESA Proba-V satellite

15:20 Petr Skala: Measurement of Karlovy Vary and Sonneberg all sky cameras

15:40 Concluding Remarks

15:50 Concluding Address

16:00 End of the workshop

Late posters

R. Dvořák AROM: Autonomous robotic observatory manager

R. Dvořák Bolidozor radio meteor detection network