The conference fee does not include accommodation.

IBWS participants in hotels: U Šimla, U Draka, U Karla IV

The LOC reserves the right to place participants in the accommodation at its discretion.

Note that the accomodation will be allocated on the first come first serve basis.

Hotel “U Simla”
Is the closest hotel to conference room in the Library.
Double room ‒ 1.580,- CZK per night (breakfast included)
Single room ‒ 1.180,- CZK per night (breakfast included)

Pension “U Draka”
Single room 870,- CZK/night (only one available)
Double room 1.320,- CZK/night (i.e. shared bed in double room 660,- CZK/night)
Triple room 1.750,- CZK/night (i.e. shared bed in triple room 584,- CZK/night)

breakfast included

Pension “Karel IV”
Shared accomodation in double room with breakfast 450 CZK/bed/night
Walking distance from conference (15 min walk).