15th INTEGRAL/BART Workshop 16 – 20 April 2018

IBWS 2018 is 15th in the series of successful workshops dedicated to high energy astrophysics and supporting ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes)

The workshop will be held in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic, April 16 – 20 2018. The IBWS is expected to start with a welcome cocktail in the evening, April 16, the scientific sessions will start in the morning, April 17.

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Please attend the whole conference if possible, as we would like have not too much two separate communities (astrophysics/satellites), but to focus on bridges between them.

  • High energy astrophysics (April 17-18)
    Both theoretical as well as observational aspects of high energy and very high energy astrophysics, both galactic and extragalactic, gamma-ray bursts
  • Real-Time Image Processing In Astronomy (April 18)
    Although IBWS is called “workshop”, most of its workshop-like properties have evaporated with time, and as we still want it to be more interactive, more production-oriented and have the results more touchable, we would like to introduce an experimental workshop session.
    This time, the topic will be Real-Time Image Processing In Astronomy. If you wish to participate in this session, please contact the session chair Martin Jelinek in advance. The basic idea is to avoid general topics and get to the core as quick as possible. The invited speaker will summarize the general ideas, and participators of the session are expected to contribute directly to the topic, without spending time on things like introducing their observatory, telescopes etc. if not relevant to the task they are solving.
  • Small satellites for astrophysics & Instrumental session (April 19-20)
    (satellites in general, ground-based instrumentation)
    All aspects of small satellites (pico, nano, cubesats), projects presentations, scientific payloads for these satellites, BRITE. Satellite projects for HE astrophysics in general. Rocket experiments. Ground based support for satellite projects and high energy astrophysics – robotic telescopes, Čerenkov telescopes, data analyses.
  • Session on programs (April 20)
    (EU, ESA, bilateral)
    to support joint research activities and to brainstorm on potential joint proposals.


The IBWS workshop offers the opportunity to publish a contribution to the proceedings indexed by
–> Clarivate Analytics – Current Contents/Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences
–> Clarivate Analytics – Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition
–> Clarivate Analytics – Science Citation Index Expanded
–> Clarivate Analytics – Web of Science.
–> …

Journal:  Open Astronomy – TBC
Page limit: 3 – 15 pages – TBC
Language: English
References: BibTex
Deadline: 15th April 2018

Electronic formats different from LaTeX will not be accepted.

Published proceedings from 2017 can be downloaded here. 
Individual articles from 2017 can be downloaded from the publisher´s site. 

Originally, the IBWS (INTEGRAL/BART) workshops focused on the work of High energy astrophysics group in Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and relevant international collaborators from the field, with intensive student participation.

Nowadays, the IBWS workshops promote regional collaboration in high-energy astrophysics with an emphasis on the interface between satellite projects and ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes).

The workshop venue will be again the Regional Library.

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