14th INTEGRAL/BART Workshop 3 – 7 April 2017

IBWS 2017 is 14th in the series of successful workshops dedicated to high energy astrophysics and supporting ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes)

The workshop will be held in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Czech Republic, April 3 – 7 2017. The IBWS is expected to start with a welcome cocktail in the evening, April 3, the scientific sessions will start in the morning, April 4.

This year we will have following topics

  • High energy astrophysics (June 4 and 5)
    Both theoretical as well as observational aspects of high energy and very high energy astrophysics, both galactic and extragalactic, gamma-ray bursts
  • Small satellites for astrophysics (June 6 and 7)
    All aspects of small satellites (pico, nano, cubesats), projects presentations, scientific payloads for these satellites, BRITE. Satellite projects for HE astrophysics in general. Rocket experiments. Ground based support for satellite projects and high energy astrophysics – robotic telescopes, Čerenkov telescopes, data analyses.

Originally, the IBWS (INTEGRAL/BART) workshops focused on the work of High energy astrophysics group in Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and relevant international collaborators from the field, with intensive student participation.


Nowadays, the IBWS workshops promote regional collaboration in high-energy astrophysics with an emphasis on the interface between satellite projects and ground-based experiments (e.g. robotic telescopes).

The workshop venue will be again the Regional Library.

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